Metro Manila
7th MS Excel for HR Professionals,Metro Manila
7th MS Excel for HR Professionals,Metro Manila

7th MS Excel for HR Professionals

Event ended

08:00 Thu 25 Apr 2019

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One of the primary skills of this current times is excellent computing skills. Such is also the challenge for the new HR professional. Using the power of Microsoft Excel, we should be able to perform the daily activities in managing the company’s workforce. The varied requirements of employee’s payroll, timekeeping and records keeping are just some examples of why it is inevitable to learn this valued competency.

Microsoft Excel for HR Professionals workshop focuses on the use of formulas and functions in various HR scenarios.With the help of several skills covered in this learning session,you will be able to perform many calculations with ease,speed and a great level of confidence. Excel for HR Professionals learning session will also show how to set up your worksheet on auto-pilot,re-use it and re-purpose it for other applications.Essentially,after the workshop,you will stop using Excel just as a calculator and start using as a system with far-reaching results.

The learning session will basically cover the basic functions of Microsoft Excel (version 2010 or 2013). It will also relate the functions of HR such as payroll, compensation and employee information.


The specific objectives of this unique fun-filled learning experience are:
   • To the learning session aims to equip the HR professional from beginner to the seasoned worker the basics of Microsoft Excel;
   • To the participants are expected to use the basic Excel functions in relation to the relevant HR functions such as payroll, compensation and employee records management; and
  • To the participants shall utilize the basic functions of MS Excel and apply it to the regular functions of HR in the company.

Part 1: Lecture & Review of Basics

Session 1: Basics

 • Excel Formula Basics

 • Creating Formulas

 • Using References and Named Ranges

Session 2: Special Text Functions

 • Using special text function ( Aggregate )

 • Using Logical Function ( Count / Countif )

Session 3: Pivot Table

 • Using Pivot table and charts

 • Create a Pivot Table Framework

Session 4: Lookup Function

 • Lookup Function

Session 5: Protecting Data

 • Protecting data forms from invalid entry

 • Recording MACROS and automating work

Session 6: Linking Worksheets

 • Linking several worksheets

 • Combining several workbooks for summary

Session 7: Security for Worksheets

 • Securing and Reviewing your Worksheet

 • Tracking changes and comments

 • Hiding and protecting formulas

Part 2: Practical Applications

The following human resource (HR) activities will be discussed as part of seminar.

Payroll Computation
Attendance and Tardiness Tracking
Manpower Plantilla
Extracting Employee Information based on Demographics
Computing for Salary Distortion (e.g. Minimum Wage Implementation)
Computing for Salary Structure
Merit Pay/ Increase Budgeting
Session 8: Formulas

Session 9: Pivot Tables and Charts

Session 10: Vlook up

Session 11: Linking Worksheets

Session 12: Case Study (Payroll and Compensation related)

Event ended

08:00 Thu 25 Apr 2019