Globe Conquest 2020 POSTPONED

تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

10:00 السبت 04 يوليو 2020

المزيد من المعلومات

Your summer pop culture getaway has arrived! CONQuest Festival is back on July 4 - 5 at the Iloilo Convention Center.

Get ready for a weekend full of gaming, anime, comics, education, technology and more as we bring to you the latest installment of the Visayas' biggest enthusiast event. This year, we're combining everything you loved about past CONQuests with lots of new, highly-requested additions.

Guest Lineup
◘ GLOCO Gaming
◘ CHoOx TV
◘ Riku PH
◘ Suzzysaur
◘ Buunja
◘ FrheaJaimil
◘ Claro the Third
◘ Little Things PH
◘ Hunghang Flashbacks
◘ Aeonix
◘ And more coming soon!

◘ AcadArena National Collegiate Esports Finals
◘ Open Gaming Tournaments
◘ Fan Meets with Vloggers, Artists, Streamers and Cosplayers
◘ Industry Panels, Talks, and Workshops
◘ Creator Market with Artists and Merchants
◘ Game Developer and Technology Exhibitors
◘ Free Play Area with Arcade Machines and Retro Consoles
◘ Pop-Up Food Festival
◘ Musical Performances
◘ And more to be announced!

◘ PHP250 - Early Bird Weekend Pass: PHP250 (Til April/Online Only)
◘ PHP300 - Regular Weekend Pass
◘ PHP700 - Power Pass (Shirt + Badge + Express Line)
◘ PHP2000 - Premium Pass (Shirt + Baller + Tumbler + Stringbag + Hat + Bag Storage + Activity Fast Pass + Express Line + Discounts)

Important Info:
◘ Staff Application:
◘ Vendor Application:

تمّ إنتهاء الفعالية

10:00 السبت 04 يوليو 2020
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